Instructions on How to Take Care of a Dog at Home

Instructions on How to Take Care of a Dog at Home

Instructions on How to Take Care of a Dog at Home

Puppies are one of the most popular pets. Do you know how to take care of your puppy ? When keeping Puppies, you will have to do things like pruning ,  clipping  and  bathing them regularly . But how to be right and reasonable? Along our blog  refer to the following article offline!

1. Trimming feathers

Trim the hair to give your dog a pleasing and beautiful appearance. But how to do it. You must pay attention to the following:

– When performing, be careful to avoid injury to dogs, especially puppies with short hairs.

– Use a professional Hair Trimmer that is suitable for dogs, for dogs with short hairs, use scissors and those with long hairs, professional clippers will be more appropriate.

– You need to make sure the blade is sharp enough to not strain the hair and hurt the dog.

– Before cutting, you should use a Dog Grooming Comb .

Note: before and during the cut, you should petting the dog regularly. If your dog is uncomfortable, stop immediately. In order for your dog to get used to it, cut each hair off with each cut.

2. Bath

The number of dog baths depends on the species and activity of each animal.

– For dogs with fur and love to run, you should bathe them at least once a week.

– Depending on their odor and proper bath. But do not bathe too much because it will lose the skin’s natural protective oil, making it dry, sensitive and easily scratched.

– If you want to bathe your puppy more often, use a Dog Shower Gel that contains a specific moisturizer.

– In hot weather, bathe them in the yard. Choose a clean, not dirty place.

– Buy a separate bath for it! Depending on whether the dog is large or small, choose to suit the size

– Bath water should not be too much, but just enough to fit the dog’s stomach

3. Cut your nails

Manicure  is a must because it is not too difficult. But be careful when doing this to avoid causing pain and bleeding for your dog! For small dogs like: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, you can use your nail clipper to cut them. As for big dogs like: Pit Bull, Doberman, you should buy the Specialized Dog Nail Clippers that are available at Pet Accessories stores .

– These tools are designed to be suitable for dog nails. It has a safety back cover that helps you trim your nails in moderation, not too short or causing bleeding.

– Before cutting, you have to play with it first, let it lie still in a quiet room, caress for a while and let him lie down, pick up one of his feet. Hold your dog’s feet gently with his thumb and index finger, and carefully examine before cutting so that he gets used to it. If the nail is dark in color, look for the sunken part below the nail to determine the length of the nail. Gently cut each nail one by one, if the puppy is uncomfortable, stop immediately! If your dog bleeds but doesn’t have any medication to stop the bleeding, you can use ground pepper. The pepper does not hurt dogs nor affect the health of the pet.

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