Experience in Choosing a Cage for a Pet Dog

Experience in Choosing a Cage for a Pet Dog
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Experience in Choosing a Cage for a Pet Dog

How to take care of a pet when you first buy it is a problem that many brothers and sisters are interested in and learn about. In it, choosing a pen for dogs is essential when starting any breed. So how to choose the most suitable and comfortable pet dog cage? The following article I will share my experiences in choosing an effective cage for dogs.

1. Why should choose the barn for the boss

We all know that dogs are very popular pets in Vietnam. They are nurtured, close and close to people. Every day, they will live with us, play, play with each family member. So the preparation of a cage or a “private” house for the puppies is extremely necessary. Because of that, they will have a small “private” corner, play, sleep, eat, and freely operate. They will feel your love, care and care.

Have a private house, they will do daily activities in it, with rules. Therefore, it will limit the troubles or troubles that they can cause in family activities. Typically: catching chickens, scratching walls, breaking fences, .. With an active personality, active inactivity. Surely a private house or barn will open up a comfortable living space for them and for you.

In addition, choosing a cage for the boss will make your living space safer and more spacious. Especially for families living in urban areas with limited area, private space suitable for dogs will bring them joy. Boss will be comfortable to develop better.

Therefore, as soon as you have chosen for yourself your favorite dog, buy immediately for your boss a suitable cage.

2. Classification of dog pens

The demand for pets is becoming more and more popular, the larger the production and sales of pet accessories. In particular, the dog pen is one of the top accessories of interest. Currently on the market, the dog housing models are extremely diverse and rich. Available in different materials and design shapes. In which, the popular 4 types of dog pens are:

Wooden kennel

This type of barn is currently being loved and is rated as the safe model with the most eye-catching design. Wooden sheds are made of natural woods. With many diverse designs, you can freely choose your favorite style. In particular, the design is close to nature. With the trend of combining modernity and classic to bring unique beauty to the product.

Therefore, in addition to the guarantee of safety for the boss, the wooden barn is a unique decorative highlight for your living space. With high quality materials, covered by durable, safe paint. The wooden houses will definitely bring a comfortable and cozy feeling. And extremely good protection for your puppies. 

Stainless steel canine

Inox dog shed is made of metals such as stainless steel and steel, and iron covered with stainless steel. Therefore it does not rust or rust over time. The durable feature of the barn is one of the advantages that customers choose for their boss. In addition, the structure of the barn is quite airy, with a variety of designs. Among them, the most popular designs are rectangles and squares. With a design with doors, parallel metal lines (open type). Make it easy for your dog to go to the toilet. You also easily clean and clean the barn during care and nurturing. 

Another advantage of the stainless steel barn is that the price is quite cheap compared to many other models. Besides, the design is varied in size, you can pre-set the desired size of the cage. However, with hard and coarse metal properties, the stainless steel barn is quite limited in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, most of it was only chosen as the shelter for the boss, especially the boss with large size.

Plastic shack

Plastic shack is usually made of plastic, quite durable and safe. Designed by plastic, the cage is quite diverse in design and shape. Beautiful colors should bring high aesthetics to the barn. With properties of plastic, neat and light, it is perfectly suitable as a means of transport and sightseeing for your dog. With many different designs and designs. But safety and convenience features are always placed on top of the product by the manufacturer

Dog shack is made of soft material

Soft materials are materials such as fabrics, nylon fibers, foam cushions, cotton, … With the design of these materials, the cage gives the puppy a comfortable and warm feeling. In particular, you can easily fold it up for traveling, traveling or walking. However, with soft materials, the cage is easily damaged and cannot be used for long. Therefore, most of these stables are for small poodles only. 

Absolutely do not choose a soft material cage for naughty dogs, or scratching, tingling teeth. And one point to note is when cleaning to be careful and clean thoroughly. Booths made of these materials are often quite difficult to clean and quite time consuming.

3. What material should I choose a cage for my dog?

In order to choose the right house for your dog, you need to consider many issues before choosing. In which, there are a few things to note as follows:

– What breed is your dog? (their characteristics, personality, ..).

– What size do you need?

– What is the purpose of using the barn? 

+ Only in captivity should choose stainless steel barn

+ In captivity and increase the aesthetics and decoration of the house, choose a wooden barn

+ Picnic should choose a stable made of soft cloth

+ Travel away from home, long time. Should choose a plastic cage because it is quite beautiful, compact and easy to move.

4. What size is suitable in choosing a cage for your dog?

When choosing a cage, the size of the cage is very important. Because, it not only affects the safety and comfort of the dog. It also affects your cleaning care. 

You should choose a cage that is 2-3 times larger than the size of your puppy. With a spacious and airy space, it will help them feel comfortable, active and without feeling constrained. With such a spacious space, it will definitely bring a feeling of fun and love to the boss. In particular, if the boss gives birth, the large cage will have enough space for the puppy to live and grow. 

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